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clean energy

io recognises the energy trilemma requires diverse clean energy solutions.

Supplying energy that is reliable, affordable and sustainable necessitates a combination of approaches, technologies and applications to ensure a successful outcome. 

At io we specialise in selecting the correct solution though our 'end in mind' and systems thinking approach. Through our holistic problem-solving methods & models, combined with the principles of Decision Quality (DQ), we help our clients make good decisions, safeguarding their project values and achieving their objectives. 

io's consultants are experts in the front-end evaluation and development of clean energy solutions, from geothermal power solutions to waste to energy applications, and the integration of clean technology, (wind, solar, heat pumps, etc.) into existing and new facilities. In addition, access to our Tier 1 parents new and exciting clean power technologies allows us to expand the solution space, ensuring the best clean energy solution is selected. 



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