io has a comprehensive suite of capabilities to offer to a broad range of clients.

Our primary role is in the business planning and concept selection stages of an asset’s lifecycle (commonly referred to as FEL 1 and 2). In FEED (FEL 3) and beyond, we aspire to be your partner working with you to protect value.

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    feasibility & business planning (FEL 0-1)

    io provides an integrated, multidisciplinary rapid assessment and field development plan to improve economic value.

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    concept select & definition (FEL 2)

    io’s approach to concept selection is founded on a process based upon Decision Quality (DQ) and regular decision dialogue with our clients.

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    io provides a uniquely integrated technical and commercial approach to project and portfolio evaluation.

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    emissions reduction

    io is fully committed in supporting our clients on their journey to net zero for both green and brownfield developments.

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    flow assurance

    io provides flow assurance expertise working with other disciplines to deliver an integrated approach to systems engineering.

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    environmental & social

    We influence business decisions early in design by managing project induced environmental & social risk in a positive way.

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    safety & risk

    io provides fully integrated safety & risk capabilities across all phases of the project life cycle.

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    due diligence

    io provides data room due diligence and M&A support, and advice to clients to make investment decisions.

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    advanced analysis

    io solves complex process & systems problems leading to optimised designs, improved performance & production and safer operation.

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    asset late life opportunities

    io delivers much needed certainty into identifying opportunities and planning the latter stages of assets life cycles.

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    financial modelling

    io provides investment decision making informed by robust economic & financial spreadsheet models.

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    value protection

    Value is often eroded through project execution. io provides stewardship of concept value proposition and the design / operation intent during FEED.

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