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systems integrator
systems integrator

As a systems integrator we ensure all elements of projects work together to achieve the objectives of the whole.

Energy projects by their nature are highly interdependent, extremely complex systems that encompass technical, economic and strategic elements. The outputs of these systems are often dominated by emergent properties, that is the overarching project has behaviours which emerge only when the parts interact in a holistic system.

At io, our role as system integrator is to:

  • Ensure the elements of the system work together to achieve the objectives of the whole; 

  • Understand the emergent properties of the system; 

  • Optimise the system to create the maximum value; and, 

  • Protect that value through the project lifecycle. 

This allows us to deliver optimised projects with increased functionality, greater certainty, faster execution, and lower cost. 

Our systems approach is analogous to the best sports teams, those which transcend the sum of their parts. To maximise the value of star players they must be supported by others of a complimentary skill set and everything must be established on a foundation of coaching, medical care, nutrition, facilities, psychology and support staff. Each person is interdependent on the others and this interdependence is the key to success.



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