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project architect
project architect

We help to make excellent projects a reality by shaping the big decisions at the earliest stages of planning.

Amidst much of the coverage on project development failure it is easy to overlook the fact that about one in three projects is a success. Success and failure are not in any sense random. If large complex project developments follow a particular set of practices, they are quite likely to generate excellent results.

We believe that the quality of the work done at the outset of project development planning is the most important single predictor of project success. Projects with high levels of planning have more predictable costs, shorter schedules and better production attainment.

As specialist energy project architects, we help our clients to conceptualise and design complex project developments, across the hydrocarbon and low carbon sectors. We operate in the earliest stages of the planning process, when the number of options can seem daunting and selecting the best concept is far from clear. We combine our front end techno-economic consulting expertise with our parents' deep domain execution and technical know how to bring much greater certainty to the early stages of projects.

As project definition matures, our role adjusts from project architect to project steward and we work to protect the value that has been identified.



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