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safety & risk

io provides fully integrated safety & risk capabilities across all phases of the project life cycle.

We believe in the integration of safety into projects from the earliest stages to minimise the potential risks, and in return, maximise value through confidence.

concept assessment, selection and definition

  • ensure investment and commitment to safety & risk management.

  • minimise potential for change and maximise use of inherently safer solutions.

  • early engagement to increase confidence in stakeholder and regulator approval.

  • promote and embed a culture of safety awareness.

design and installation

  • collaboration with discipline design engineers to integrate safety & risk considerations.

  • clear understanding of the impacts and consequences of safety requirements on design.

  • provision of safety & loss prevention engineering.

  • input to design optimisation, assessment and approval of design changes.

  • construction, installation and simultaneous operations safety & risk assessment.

  • technical authority support through procurement & contracting.

  • functional safety assessment and safety requirements specification development.

  • demonstration of regulatory compliance and support with risk assessments and safety studies.

operations, modifications and decommissioning

  • assessment and management of design & operational changes.

  • revision of supporting studies, assessments and documentation for regulator re-approval.



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