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safety & risk

io delivers comprehensive safety & risk capabilities throughout the project life cycle

we prioritise integration of safety & risk capabilities into projects from their inception and throughout project life cycle

We have extensive experience of integrating safety across all phases of the project life cycle. Starting from the earliest project stages to minimise the potential risks and changes later in design, and in return, maximise value through confidence by reducing the potential risk of cost or schedule impacts to the project.

we ensure a clear understanding of the impacts of safety requirements on design

Our safety & risk specialists ensure a thorough comprehension of safety requirements' impact on design, facilitating a proactive approach to safety and risk management during concept assessment, selection and definition (FEL 1 and FEL 2) through to front end design (FEL 3) and execution, to minimise the need for subsequent modifications and leverage inherently safer solutions. Through early engagement, we foster stakeholder and regulator confidence, while cultivating a culture of safety awareness.

we have the capability to provide detailed safety engineering studies and risk assessments 

We provide guidance and expertise in structured workshops to identify key safety risks, such as HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, LOPA, BowTies and ALARP. Our experienced safety & risk professionals work closely with the project team to identify hazards associated with the project design.

Our team of safety & risk consultants has a range of experience in the development and delivery of safety engineering assessments and detailed risk assessments which can be used as evidence to our clients, regulators, authorities, and other stakeholders that risks are managed and reduced to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

we apply our skills across multiple sectors 

Our experienced safety & risk consultants possess a wealth of project expertise spanning diverse domains within the energy sector, encompassing power-to-x, CCUS, clean energy, stored energy, industrial decarbonisation and hydrocarbons.



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