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CleanTech accelerator

io applies domain expertise to enable clean technology solutions at pace with certainty

Aligned with io’s mission to support the development of new and different approaches to shape and accelerate the energy transition for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy for all, and drawing on the extensive experience of our multidisciplinary team throughout the project development lifecycle, io partners with start-ups, technology and project developers, owner operators and investors to enable scale, commercialisation and development of new energy projects. 

io specialises in creating value throughout the FEL stages and then protecting that value throughout the subsequent execution phases. Our services include independent technology validation, process optimisation, bankable feasibility studies, preFEED, FEED and basic engineering, owner’s engineer and due diligence. 

io’s  track record includes supporting startups seeking seed and series A funding to sovereign wealth funds assessing multibillion dollar investments; project developments that we have supported include compressed air energy storage, waste heat energy storage, multi gigawatt green & blue hydrogen, green ammonia, sustainable aviation fuel and ccus. Outcome focussed, our offerings are always phase appropriate and provide maximum value to our clients. 



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