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advanced analysis

io solves complex process & systems problems leading to optimised designs, improved performance & production and safer operation.

We provide a broad suite of tools to solve all your “difficult problems”. These are validated tools and solutions that allow high fidelity models to be built to understand the physical processes and interactions between systems.

systems modelling

  • accounting for interactions between systems within a process design to allow optimisation with process constraints, costs and economics.

  • requirements modelling to determine business plans, impacts and strategies.

  • utilise industry standard systems modelling tools as well as bespoke models for new or challenging systems.

process modelling

  • advanced equations of state for energy transition and carbon capture allowing robust design for the complex thermodynamics. Phase behaviour - dense phase, near critical fluids including CO2 and H2. Dry ice, ice, hydrates, waxes, asphaltenes including phase interactions

  • fluid characterisation, expert advice on sampling and PVT analysis.

  • hydrate melting and remediation studies.

  • process FIV and AIV analysis.

  • fracture propagation including CO2 systems.

  • dynamic modelling - bespoke process models that allow start up, shut down and emergency events to be analysed, detailed compressor anti-surge analysis, vessel blowdown and survivability.

computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

  • 3D and transient fluid momentum and heat transfer.

  • equipment sizing and optimisation.

  • heat exchanger tube rupture analysis.

  • process trouble shooting.

  • dispersion, heat plume and helideck studies.

  • explosion and overpressure analysis.



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