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advanced analysis

io solves complex process & systems problems leading to optimised designs, improved performance & production and safer operation.

We understand that successful process design relies on a deep understanding of the intricate interactions between systems. Our service offering in systems modelling provides a holistic approach, meticulously addressing these complexities to optimise processes.

Our approach begins with a thorough examination of system dynamics, allowing us to optimise processes by accounting for interactions between various components. This integration enables a comprehensive examination of process design, considering factors such as constraints, costs, and economic implications. By leveraging industry-standard tools alongside bespoke models tailored to specific system requirements, we ensure flexibility in addressing new or challenging systems, adapting our modelling efforts to the unique complexity of each scenario.

One of our core capabilities lies in framing (identifying, analysing and documenting) the needs and expectations of stakeholders for a system or product. We see this as a crucial step in aligning business plans with operational capabilities. Through framing, we help our clients delineate business plans, evaluate impacts, and devise effective strategies that are not only feasible but also aligned with organisational goals.

addressing design complexity through process modelling

Within the scope of process modelling, we utilise advanced equations of state to navigate complexities such as the energy transition and carbon capture. These equations enable robust design by accounting for complex thermodynamic phenomena, ensuring accurate representation of physical properties and phase behaviour for substances like CO2 and H2. Moreover, our expertise in fluid characterisation and PVT analysis facilitates robust modelling of phenomena such as hydrate formation and disassociation, wax deposition, asphaltene precipitation and reservoir compositional gradients.

Dynamic modelling further enhances our capabilities by allowing us to simulate startup, shutdown, and emergency events. Detailed analyses, including compressor anti-surge analysis and vessel blowdown simulations, enable us to comprehensively assess process dynamics and equipment survivability under various scenarios.

gaining insights through transient analysis and computational fluid dynamics 

Additionally, our proficiency in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) augments systems modelling by offering insights into fluid behaviour, heat transfer, and equipment optimisation. Through 3D simulations and transient analyses, we assist in sizing and optimising equipment, troubleshooting process inefficiencies, and conducting specialised studies such as heat exchanger tube rupture analysis, helideck studies, dispersion analysis and explosion risk assessment.

We are committed to delivering tailored systems modelling solutions that empower businesses to achieve their process design objectives efficiently and effectively. 



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