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io vision


January 2021


Richard Dyson

to shape and accelerate the energy transition for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy for all.

our vision

the why: our purpose

To shape and accelerate the energy transition for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy for all.

the how: our differentiators

We bring speed, quality, expertise and new ideas to complex project decisions through transferrable skills and knowledge from years of advising in the hydrocarbon value chain. We bring independence of thought and unique insights on energy technology substantiated by access to our parents’ know how. 

the what: how we do it 

Technical, commercial & strategic energy advisor and holistic integrator, we focus on client value drivers by starting with the end in mind. We have embedded Decision Quality (DQ) principles into our workflows to create superior solutions and high value technical services to our clients.

our values

Our values are the core principles we uphold that distinguish and define io.

client focussed

Our approach to assignments is based on delivering what success looks like for our clients.

We listen and understand our clients' needs and expectations, and build lasting relationships.

We are outcome focussed, not scope driven.


We believe that the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

We build fast-acting, integrated multi-discipline teams to deliver our assignments effectively.

We work cohesively and with integrity in partnership with all stakeholders by listening, understanding and respecting different points of view.


We are proactive and have a flexible approach to realising opportunities with energy and a positive attitude.

We have embedded agile project management principles into our work processes.


We strive to innovate by challenging the conventional, employing new technology insights, encouraging entrepreneurship and applying multidiscipline knowledge.


We bring strength from integration and diversity of composition and thought.

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