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industrial decarbonisation

io helps reduce carbon and methane intensity of new and existing hydrocarbon assets.

io has developed a proprietary emissions sprint workflow founded on Decision Quality (DQ) and aims to apply clients' value drivers & trade offs in offering pragmatic mitigating solutions for existing assets. The sprint, a short focused approach, involves finding the technical limit of GHG reductions possible on the asset, as well as the practical limit, which is informed by parent technology insights whilst remaining agnostic applying a six-step process at pace. The sprint offers screening & ranking of options, in order to give clear line of capex/opex investments in reducing asset-based emissions versus offsetting.

We have developed Net Zero Facilities by bringing technology and engineering insights directly from our Tier 1 parents we can help you understand how new build or greenfield assets can achieve life cycle net zero emissions looking both at embodied carbon (in the manufacture, fabrication and installation) of assets as well as how to minimise or eliminate operational emissions.



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