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upstream field development planning course, online & in-person


Umberto Nespolo


Wednesday, 20 May 2020

with the oil industry experiencing a shock like no other in its history only the most resilient investments have a chance of going ahead.

Our 4-day intensive upstream field development planning course is delivered online or in-person by instructors with real-world experience.

You can learn remotely through our highly interactive online course or arrange tailored in-person training from our London or Abu Dhabi office.

course context

Upstream oil and gas developments are extremely complex, capital intensive and time consuming. With initial investment to first revenue typically in the range of anything from 8 to 14 years, much can change between initial discovery to production start-up.

Project development decision-makers must contend with a dizzying array of factors against a backdrop of constant uncertainty: from corporate objectives and business partnerships to off take obligations and host country requirements.

The oil and gas industry’s project development track record is far from perfect, with upstream projects having significantly under performed on cost, schedule and production. The reasons for this poor track record are extensive but it is widely accepted that projects with high levels of planning have more predictable costs, shorter schedules and better production attainment.

about the course

Project planning is commonly referred to as “Front End Loading” (FEL). FEL is a core work process before the Final Investment Decision (FID) and is used to develop sufficient strategic information to address risk and make decisions to commit resources that maximise the chance of a successful project.

The Upstream Field Development Planning course covers the journey from Discovery to Final Investment Decision. The course is focused on the typical technical, commercial and strategic decisions made during FEL and, more importantly, how they shape projects and influence value. The course will look beyond the usual project development processes and provide insight from real world developments that io consulting has helped to shape.

In the 4-day program the participants will learn the fundamental of upstream project development, from subsurface characterisation, connecting the subsurface to the surface development, cost and schedule estimation, establishing a business case and making an investment decision.

Both the online and in person versions of the course are highly interactive with open discussions, problem solving and exercises. The course uses Mentimeter that enables real-time input from remote teams and online students with live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more. A Project Simulation is designed to provide participants with practical experience of integrated working and the decision quality toolbox that is deployed during an early phase development project.

a course for future leaders

This course is aimed at oil and gas professionals of all disciplines to increase their awareness of upstream field development decision making and understanding of other discipline input in the early stages of project development.

The course forms part of the Baker Hughes Oil & Gas University educational program delivered to future leaders from National Oil Companies, International oil and gas companies and other independent energy firms. The Oil & Gas University organises the so-called “Resident Course” twice a year, a 4-month intensive training experience held at the Florence Learning Centre in Italy. The io 4-day Upstream Field Development course has consistently received a rating of over 8 out of 10 from participants on the Baker Hughes Resident Course.

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We hope that you can benefit from our specialist upstream field development training and we look forward to learning and developing with you.

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