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io to perform Optimisation Modelling for Bear Head Energy’s Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Project


Phil Penfold


Thursday, 9 March 2023

io consulting (io) is delighted to announce it has been selected by Bear Head Energy Inc. (Bear Head), a wholly owned company of Buckeye Partners, L.P. (Buckeye), to perform Optimisation Modelling for the initial phase of Bear Head’s green hydrogen and ammonia production, storage, and loading facility in the Point Tupper Industrial Park in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

io is utilising model-based system engineering (MBSE) to conduct a techno-economic evaluation of the Bear Head Green Hydrogen and Ammonia project to enable the multi-domain interdependencies to be assessed and the trade-offs to be understood. This approach allows the right solution for electrolyser technology, ammonia production, installed capacities, facility design, and power source and mix, to be selected and progressed.

“Optimising a project such as this requires managing complexity and balancing highly interdependent variables across multiple domains. io’s unique MBSE approach allows us to achieve this effectively, efficiently, and collaboratively. The io team looks forward to working with Bear Head to build on the foundations and identify the optimal solutions for this important power to x development,” said McLachlan, io’s Director, Systems Engineering.

io is an established low carbon project development specialist and is characterised as a project architect with a whole project interdisciplinary approach that extends beyond the technical frame into the commercial and strategic frames. io’s core expertise is to bring “systems thinking” to our assignments founded on the principles of decision quality and a robust MBSE capability.

Bear Head’s world-scale clean energy facility will be developed in phases driven by the availability of renewable power. It has a planned capacity of up to three gigawatts including two gigawatts of hydrogen electrolysers and at full build-out and peak power inflow the facility could produce 350,000 tonnes of hydrogen and two million tonnes of ammonia per year. 

About io

io consulting is a project architect and systems integrator in the energy sector focussed on low carbon solutions. Formed as a JV between Baker Hughes and McDermott with the mission to work in the early front end of projects, bringing our specific techno-economic expertise integrated with the access to technology and execution know-how of our parents and partner organisations. io is distinctive with its integrated strategic-techno-commercial capabilities ensuring a balanced approach between competing priorities capitalising on multi-discipline capabilities. Our approach is designed to provide clients with the confidence to invest and certainty that the selected concept and subsequent project can be delivered. Best considered as a systems integrator, io has deep domain expertise in the very early stages of major projects, specialised in identifying the key project drivers and bringing transparency to Tier 1 development decisions. For thought leadership visit

About Buckeye Partners

Buckeye Partners, L.P., a wholly owned investment of the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund, owns and operates a diversified global network of integrated assets providing energy logistics solutions. Across every aspect of the business – including its approximately 5,500 miles of domestic pipeline, more than 135 liquid petroleum products terminals and over 130 million barrels of tank capacity – Buckeye focuses on responsibly providing world-class service to meet the changing energy needs of its customers. As part of this business priority and commitment to its customers, Buckeye is increasingly diversifying its platform to advance energy transition initiatives and decarbonization efforts. For more information about Buckeye and its ESG efforts, visit To learn more about Bear Head, please visit

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