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io consulting: evolving with energy


Phil Penfold


Monday, 6 May 2024

io consulting has evolved from a fresh face in hydrocarbons to a leader in green energy. With a redesigned logo symbolising broader energy projects, we now focus on sustainable solutions and are recognised across the sector.

Fresh Beginnings When io started, it was a fresh face in the energy industry, named after Jupiter's moon io. The company aimed to shake things up in the upstream hydrocarbons sector, promising new and smarter ways of working. The original logo, with its sense of transformation, symbolised this fresh approach, especially in the way they handled Front-End Loading (FEL).

Rising Influence As time went on, io began to make a name for itself. The company was not just another player in hydrocarbons but was also seen as a smart designer, an architect, for energy projects. The team became known for their innovative and practical solutions, navigating the complexities of the energy industry.

Shift in Focus The energy world has changed, as has io, looking beyond traditional hydrocarbons to embrace green energy. Recognising this shift, io decided to update its image to match its evolving focus. This led to the creation of a new logo.

Modern Identity The new logo marks a significant change. Simplistically, it depicts the 'i' as an electron orbiting the 'o', like an atom. This design isn't just about hydrocarbons anymore; it represents io’s involvement in a much broader range of energy projects such as green energy derivatives like hydrogen, ammonia and sustainable aviation fuels, energy storage, carbon capture & storage, emissions reduction and clean energy such as geothermal.

Future Focused Now, io is not just an innovator in hydrocarbons but a key player in the broader energy sector including a CleanTech accelerator capability. The company focuses on creating solutions by initially shaping the project / development concept and subsequently steering it to commercial success through outcome focussed engineering execution.

Evolving Legacy The journey of io is a story of growth and adaptation. The new logo reflects the company's journey from a new player in the industry to a forward-thinking leader in energy solutions. The logo symbolises an ongoing commitment to innovation in a world where energy is key.

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