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io awarded Feasibility Study for Galp’s green Hydrogen Project at the Sines Refinery


Phil Penfold


Thursday, 30 March 2023

Supporting Galp's decarbonisation plan for the Sines refinery & the ultimate goal establishing a Green Energy Hub

io consulting (io) is pleased to announce the award of a Feasibility Study by Galp for their green hydrogen production plant located at the Sines Refinery in Portugal. The project is an important component of Galp’s decarbonisation pathway for the Sines Refinery and will help to transition the existing grey hydrogen to green hydrogen. 

Galp’s decarbonisation plan for the Sines refinery has the ultimate goal of transforming the refinery into a Green Energy Hub. To achieve this goal Galp will optimise the efficiency of the refinery and also produce low-carbon products such as biofuels. Green Hydrogen production will also be utilised at the hub to decarbonise the refinery’s hydrogen source which will help Galp realise a significant operational carbon footprint reduction by 2030.

Galp is currently developing a 100 MW green hydrogen project that is targeting a 2025 start-up, and have plans to increase the installed capacity in the second half of the decade. This expansion would allow Galp to not only replace the Sines grey hydrogen consumption but also produce green fuels and other hydrogen derivatives. 

This study will see io deploy its model-based system engineering (MBSE) and extensive hydrogen experience to techno-economically assess the core optionality of the project which includes the mix and size of the power sources, the use of hydrogen and energy storage, facility installed capacity, offtaker selection, and the project phasing approach. The results from this study will identify the optimum approach for the project that aligns with Galp’s value drivers. 

About io

io consulting is a project architect and systems integrator in the energy sector focussed on low carbon solutions. Formed as a JV between Baker Hughes and McDermott with the mission to work in the early front end of projects, bringing our specific techno-economic expertise integrated with the access to technology and execution know-how of our parents and partner organisations. io is distinctive with its integrated strategic-techno-commercial capabilities ensuring a balanced approach between competing priorities capitalising on multi-discipline capabilities. Our approach is designed to provide clients with the confidence to invest and certainty that the selected concept and subsequent project can be delivered. Best considered as a systems integrator, io has deep domain expertise in the very early stages of major projects, specialised in identifying the key project drivers and bringing transparency to Tier 1 development decisions. For more information and thought leadership visit

About Galp

Galp is an energy company committed to the development of efficient and sustainable solutions in its operations and in the integrated offers to its customers. We create simple, flexible and competitive solutions for the energy or mobility needs of large industries, as well as small and medium-sized businesses and individual consumers. Our offer includes various types of energy – from electricity produced from renewable sources to natural gas and liquid fuels. As a producer, we extract oil and natural gas from reservoirs located miles below sea level, while also being one of the largest Iberian producers of solar based electricity. We contribute to the economic development of the 10 countries where we operate, and to the social progress of the communities that welcome us. We are, therefore, leaders in our sector in the world's main sustainability indices. Galp has 6,360 employees. For more information, visit

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