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io’s CEO named in the top 100 Global Energy Elite 2018




Thursday, 27 September 2018

Introduction reproduced with permission from The Petroleum Economist.

io’s CEO Richard Dyson is delighted to be considered one of The Petroleum Economist Ltd’s Global Energy Elite & offers his congratulations to all the 100 leaders. The report is available here.

This is an exceedingly turbulent period of change for the energy sector—which is why 2018 has been such an electrifying year for the bold men and women working to navigate, evolve and improve the way we create, trade and utilise energy.

In many parts of the world, a golden age of decommissioning is on the horizon. Incumbent multinationals and innovative start-ups are establishing new partnerships to drive pioneering technology capable of cleaning up the seas, recycling and redeploying infrastructure in new markets. Meanwhile, sweeping and often shocking socio-political revolutions have spilled beyond national borders and shaken up production, distribution and redefined the way industry perceives its commodities and collaborates with governments on the world stage.

Companies and domestic administrations are breaking the mould of their established brands or historical precedents to leverage green innovations and branch out into exciting new opportunities. 

From renewable production on an industrial scale to the mass production of electric-powered vehicles, or simply leveraging new discoveries or creating and implementing more efficient and sustainable processes, the energy sector is rapidly evolving into an ever-expanding field of ecologically aware and ultra-efficient hybrids willing to explore and develop new opportunities at every turn.

But this change hasn’t happened overnight, and it hasn’t happened on its own. The energy sector’s phenomenal transformation has boiled down largely to the brave leadership and tough decisions being made by the individuals who shape it. It’s those individuals who ultimately hold the key to our sustainable future, our business productivity and our economic prosperity—and that’s why it’s crucial those men and women are recognised.

They collaborate across industry and further afield to guide and shape our energy future. They hail from National Oil Companies and Independent Oil Companies. They are Energy Ministers, Low Carbon visionaries and Legal & Consultancy experts. They are CSR leaders, Banking & Finance specialists, Future Leaders, pioneering Women and Intergovernmental trailblazers.

They are the Global Energy Elite—and these are their stories.

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