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Americas Regional Update


Phil Penfold


Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Here’s an Americas Region Update from Phil Penfold io’s EVP, Business Development. Globally, io has established itself as a low carbon project development specialist and with several interesting projects in the Americas. We are energy architects shaping the worlds energy future with our clients and addressing the energy trilemma.

Most of our projects in 2022 have been related to the energy transition aiding our clients turn their initiatives in to reality. Our focus has been on CO2 capture, transport and storage and Power-to-X opportunities convert green variable renewable power to energy vectors using our systems modelling capability. We are also supporting a key client move their Willow Rock Energy Storage Center project forward utilising their A-CAES technology.

We have also deployed our specialist advanced analysis to solve all “difficult problems”. These are tools and solutions that allow high fidelity models to be built to understand the physical processes and interactions between systems.

Our recent awards and successfully completed projects include: 

  • Power-to-x concept definition study - Canada

  • Power-to-X systems model for a Clean Energy Co - US

  • Gulf Coast Port Owners Agent - US

  • A-CAES Owners Engineer - US

  • CO2 barge transport study - US

  • FPU Flare & Blowdown Review - Mexico

  • PSV Stability Review - US

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