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the io way

The io way is founded on decision quality and our integrated strategic-techno-commercial expertise.

Why were we named io? io is a moon of Jupiter that undergoes constant change and disruption to its surface; io represents a state of constant flux and challenge. io consulting’s charter is to challenge and disrupt, in a positive manner, traditional ways of working and bring lean, fast processes to our approaches. 

io is a strategic consulting entity formed as a JV between Baker Hughes, a Tier 1 OEM, and McDermott, a turnkey engineering & construction company. io’s mission is to work in the early front end of projects bringing our specific techno-economic expertise integrated with the technology and execution capabilities of our parents to enable such projects with a higher degree of certainty that the outcomes identified can be delivered.

Our in house approach is founded on decision quality and our integrated strategic-techno-commercial expertise. We start with the end in mind to shape options around the value drivers that are important to you and your stakeholders. We believe in a “decision dialogue”: continuous high value discussions with you and all of your key stakeholders to keep the project aligned and on track.

Key elements of our approach that we believe differentiate us are as follows:

  1. io’s approach to examining optionality is founded on the principles of decision quality and agile, to this end we bring the right level of rigour to studies so clients can be sure that the techno-economic-strategic factors that will contribute to identifying the entirety of the value chain have been properly weighed and considered at the “right level of detail” and that the full solution space has been evaluated.

  2. io is neither an engineer nor a management consultant so the approach we take we believe will be “just right”, neither too high level (management consultant-esque) nor too detailed (as per an “engineer”).

  3. Given the breadth and extent of the issues to be considered across a development io is proposing engaging and integrating a number of capabilities. Integrating disparate skill sets to a common objective or project frame is fundamental to our value proposition; we believe this ability to direct and integrate others capabilities at the right level will be key to achieving a successful outcome for clients.

  4. How we identify the focus areas for the study and then go on to achieve and maintain alignment between all parties, including our clients, working to a common outcome and a shared understanding of “what success looks like for them”.

  5. Founded to support major projects io has the in house expertise and third party relationships to properly understand and address the technical, commercial, strategic and regulatory challenges that projects present.

Our approach to execution is as follows:

  • To understand interdependencies and independent decisions

  • Discovery

  • Study basis

  • Cost estimating methodology

  • Approach to screening

  • Framing and option i.d.

  • Sorting of focus decisions

  • Identify interdependent and independent decisions

  • Use of themes



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