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diversity of insight

Our specialist consultants bring deep domain expertise and are able to work the detail as well as the big picture.

We understand that in order to provide excellent consultancy services we require resources with significant depth of experience. To this end we employ industry experts with significant experience, organised in a “project first” structure.

Our front end specialist consultants bring a diversity of insight, across engineering, commercial and corporate strategy. We come from a range of backgrounds including majors, independents, contractors, technical and commercial consulting houses and leading management consulting firms.

Our integrated team is structured to be highly collaborative and to deliver project development solutions more quickly and with greater certainty than traditional methods. We provide strong and stable project leadership and ensure all key disciplines are represented from the start.

Our agile approach can accelerate the decision-making process during Front End Loading (FEL) from months or years to weeks and reduces the requirement to run multiple cases. We identify a few best possible technical and commercial solutions by altering target sensitivities before handing over to technical and commercial teams for detailed analysis and evaluation.



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