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decision quality

We use Decision Quality to eliminate common cognitive biases that frequently cause project failure or loss of value.

Project success is ultimately a reflection of the quality of the development decisions that have been made and executed. Organisations that make high quality decisions, make them quickly, with optimal effort and then translate those decisions into action effectively, create higher value projects.

The principle of Decision Quality (DQ) is that the quality of a decision can be judged at the moment a decision is made and that the decision cannot be better than the best available alternative. A high quality decision does not guarantee a good outcome, but it does ensure that a structured and transparent process is followed in choosing the right project. Our approach is rooted in decision quality and we consistently follow the same decision-orientated and auditable workflows.

The DQ framework was originally developed by the Strategic Decisions Group at Stanford and the importance of DQ is recognised by organisations such as Nexen, Chevron, Shell, BP, etc. Followed correctly, the DQ framework leads to better decision quality and better participant alignment of project decision making.



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