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in FEED and beyond we will work with you to protect value


11 November 2020



We work with clients to identify the project value drivers and then collaboratively with all parties to ensure the project stays true to its goals, protecting value.


At io we believe a key issue with cost and scope growth during FEED is that the holistic (whole system) impact of small cost benefit changes are not understood until the end of FEED. We call this “creeping normality”.

value driver

By providing continuous assurance based on our holistic methods, we can help protect the project from cost overrun and schedule delay.


By recognising the nature of “creeping normalisation” we help prevent the project from entering a major recycle and help protect the project team’s reputation with key stakeholders. With io at your side there is greater certainty that your project will be sanctioned.

io approach – we bring holistic “check-in” throughout FEED

  • during FEED many good ideas arise through stand-alone cost benefit analyses

  • the holistic impact of these changes are not understood until the AACE Class III estimate is produced at the backend of FEED

  • we apply concept screening level methods to determine, at suitable check-in points, the system wide impacts of these small changes

  • by including io as part of your client team we will help ensure the decisions and compromises made during concept selection are understood and protected through FEED and beyond



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