flow assurance

io provides flow assurance expertise working with other disciplines to deliver an integrated approach to systems engineering.

We have a broad range of flow assurance experience gained across the full lifecycle of projects and work closely with other disciplines to bring an integrated approach to systems engineering.

know your flow assurance threats

  • early identification assessment of the risks posed: hydrates, wax, slugging, etc.

  • develop concepts that keep the end in mind: how will flow assurance threats be managed.

  • assess options for managing flow assurance threats as part of a holistic concept selection.

  • studies targeted to biggest threats and with details commensurate with the project stage.

apply the right modelling expertise

  • experienced across the full range of hydrocarbon fluid types.

  • characterisation of fluids and assessment of production chemistry threats.

  • steady-state and transient modelling.

  • skilled in the flow assurance toolkit: PIPESIM, OLGA, PIPENET, Multiflash and PVTSIM.

experienced throughout the project lifecycle

  • early stage assessment of flowline size, insulation requirements, etc.

  • FEED / EPIC detailed transient flow assurance.

  • operational support of shutdown, restart, pigging, etc.

  • detailed knowledge of online models for managing flow assurance.