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ESG, sustainability strategy & communication

io provides ESG advice and strategic planning to enable your journey effectively to make a difference

The rising concern with investors and consumer sentiment around sustainability and climate change, has accelerated the development and implementation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices in organisations. Built on three pillars, companies are increasingly committed to delivering products and services centred around environmental protection and net positive benefit to people as their primary value drivers. The third pillar, successful governance, is demonstrated by a company that protects the position of “trust” in its reporting. By taking actions and measures to ensure data is reliable (and material), to guide future decisions and strategies.

embedding ESG

ESG is not merely a bolt-on, a policy, a new department or role. ESG provides a framework for a more resilient and sustainable way of doing business. It is embedded in a company’s business model — and can be key in defining opportunity creation at the same time reduces business risk. Whether the strategy brings incremental or radical change, io can help you develop a solid business case for it, combining long-term thinking with short-term gains. Having robust ESG in place, will pave the way for everyone in your company to understand its significance.

Surveys, workshops and training will encourage every individual and team to take the strategy on board, and discover what it means for each function: development, logistics, product development, client services, finance, R&D, marketing and HR.

ESG can appear complex. No person and no business is perfect, and being honest about that without over-claiming — being authentic about your sustainability journey — will cultivate trust with your stakeholders and investors.

how can io help

ESG covers the strategy and tactics that a business may implement to align itself with social contribution, sustainability, and overall positive impact towards all three areas: environmental, social, and governance.

Whether you already have a sustainability strategy in place or have no idea where to begin, io can guide the way. Our approach starts with research into the context for your company, including a materiality analysis. An ESG Maturity Assessment is also a good way to set out a path to the plan. The assessment is designed around an organisations baseline and assesses business thinking at several levels, of a company’s ESG performance and its commitments towards sustainability and climate change. The assessment assists in identifying gaps between where an organisation is, compared to where it aspires to be. Based on findings of the ESG Maturity Assessment, a Sustainability Strategy can be developed that identifies goals and targets, and other indicators against legal and policy frameworks, and business drivers for ESG. This may lead to preparation of plans and procedures to inform good governance.

Your Sustainability Strategy will codify the findings of the assessment stage, setting out priorities and baseline metrics. It will define the goals and KPIs to be incorporated throughout the company.

io also supports organisations in sustainability reporting. We will advise you on which of the many frameworks and standards are most suitable for your company, for example the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, GRI, ISO 14001, becoming a B Corp and joining 1% for the Planet.

the reassurance of experience

With a dedicated Environmental and Social Performance team, io brings a level of experience in sustainability, branding, design, marketing and communications, that is tailored to your business needs. Other contributing specialists may include strategists, financial and commercial specialists, designers and developers. At every stage of the journey, you can rely on our expertise. Your strategy will come to life through campaigns, employee communications, branding and marketing.

io prides itself in being agile and experienced. We’re here to help you start your journey and make a difference.



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