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environmental & social

We influence business decisions early in design by managing project induced environmental & social risk in a positive way.

As the world moves towards a lower-carbon circular economy, energy companies are under increasing pressure to transition towards sustainable energy sources through the reuse, repair and recycling of materials to reduce the consumption of finite resources and minimise waste. Environmental and Social Performance (E&S) is critical in this transition, as it helps our clients demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by addressing potential impacts of their operations on the environment and local communities throughout design. Raising awareness of environmental and social risks early in design support business decisions towards a more sustainable solution moving forward.  

our E&S reach on development projects

Whether you require technical expertise in the areas of E&S advisory, consultancy, engineering or modelling io has these capabilities. 

We offer a wide E&S capability ranging from (i) lender compliance, E&S due diligence & investment certainty; (ii) independent technically led E&S advice & design validation; (iii) environmental impact assessments, regulatory reviews, & permits guidance through the entire process; (iv) environmental modelling to reduce risk in design, preparing BAT studies & achieve compliance; (v) project social licensing through stakeholder identification, analysis & engagement; (vi) provide insights and studies on implementing circular economy early in design; and, (vii) environmental performance audits and reporting.

Our data analytical interpretation, visualisation, tools and techniques allow us to screen, measure and assess E&S impacts of the project and developing models to assess mitigation actions needed in a project phase appropriate manner. 

We also are committed to ethics and social responsibility in conducting environmental and social studies. This means that io ensures that our work is conducted in an objective and impartial manner, respecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders, and being transparent and accountable in all aspects of the work.

Our E&S cross cultural, multidisciplinary team has strong project management skills to ensure that the design E&S scope is completed on time, within budget and to a high standard. This includes planning, coordinating and managing the work of various experts, as well as communicating with clients and stakeholders. 

our E&S reputation is built on a track record of successful projects

With a dedicated E&S expert team, io customises its offering to address the unique needs of the project and our clients. This often involves working in close collaboration with our clients with a commitment to delivering high-quality, timely and cost-effective services. Our teams of experts work alongside local and technical specialists delivering excellence with a reputation built on a track record of successful projects, a commitment to quality and a culture of professionalism and integrity.

We are here to help you address environmental and social needs to make a difference towards a sustainable future.



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