emissions reduction

io is fully committed in supporting our clients on their journey to net zero for both green and brownfield developments.

We deliver asset based emissions reduction pathways that inform business strategies which offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace with stakeholders and investors through disclosure of emissions abatement initiatives.

low-emissions pathways, early transition

  • our emissions reduction sprint supports a deep dive into each asset to explore pathways for emissions reductions over the life of field.

  • the emissions sprint seeks to determine the technical, practical and economic limits of emissions reduction within or across a portfolio of assets.

io's unique approach

  • in collaboration with the asset team, the entire system source by source is appraised to gather insights to root causes of emissions.

  • each carbon abatement pathway proposed is technically assessed to assure feasibility.

  • the carbon abatement opportunities are ranked against their carbon reduction potential as well as capex / opex investment value to assist with prioritisation.

why io

  • we bring focus and pace to drive the review when asset teams are tied up with their day jobs. 

  • starting with the end in mind, we align solutions to corporate value drivers & we will not lose sight of your ultimate net zero ambitions.

  • our systems thinking mindset allows us to look at problems holistically and ask linear questions to solve non-linear problems.

  • through our parents, Baker Hughes and McDermott, we have direct access into their technology stack, providing deeper insights in technology solutions, technology readiness and interventions to help abate emissions.

  • our experts offer an informed view and are well versed in delivering carbon emissions reports, energy efficiency studies, root-cause analysis for emissions reduction and have a thorough understanding of the energy transition marketplace.