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economic & financial modelling

io provides project investment decision making informed by robust economic & financial spreadsheet models.

io supports major investment decisions with reliable economic modelling

Our team of commercial advisors and experienced analysts have a proven track-record of supporting multi-stakeholder project commercial decision making for multi-million and billion-dollar energy investment opportunities. We specialise in providing fit-for-purpose financial models used to support these investment decisions with high standards of quality control, tailored analysis, and reliable and meaningful management level insights. 

we help decision makers to dimension and test the business case

io looks 'beyond the spreadsheet' to help you see the real shape and dynamics of the business case. We believe in keeping things simple and so the models we create are easy to understand and flexible for future development. Our models support the development decisions at the time they need to be made, from alternative development option comparison in the earliest stages of development to the detailed scrutiny of investors and credit providers, prior to the final investment decision.

we can provide the full spectrum of project evaluation models

io has the capability and experience to provide the full spectrum of project evaluation models, from simple discounted cash flow models to complex fiscal terms models, multiple participant cashflows, Financial Statements and advanced Project Finance models. We also offer review and adaptations of clients’ in-house models.

We model the client’s business objectives and the proposed project development complexity and take a structured approach to risk and uncertainty. We use scenario analysis, incremental analysis, sensitivity analysis and decision analysis to visually communicate options, uncertainties and outcomes.

we are FAST financial modelling compliant

io provides robust and transparent spreadsheet models that are built to internationally recognised modelling standards; the FAST Financial Modelling Standard. Our modelling team are all FAST Level 1 Certified and io is a FAST Signatory along with companies such as PwC, Mazars, John Laing, Capita, AEE Power Ventures and Lloyd's Register.



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