due diligence

io provides data room due diligence and M&A support, and advice to clients to make investment decisions.

We validate data and provide advisory support to assist investment decisions.

validating what is being sold

  • rigorous holistic approach to data validation and evaluation.

  • significant years of experience using deep domain expertise.

  • subsurface assessment of reserves and resources for oil & gas assets.

  • rapid integration of subsurface and facilities costs & scheduling with access to Baker Hughes and McDermott data.

  • evaluation of risks, risk mitigation and economic modelling deriving asset valuation.

assist investment decisions

  • advice to customers to make investment decisions with confidence.

  • assistance with negotiation & deal execution.

  • identification of synergies and growth & operational excellence.

  • preparation of post merger transition and asset integration.

providing advisory support

  • multidisciplinary collaboration with all M&A stakeholders.

  • commercial analysis & negotiation strategy for buy or sell side.

  • preparation of acquisition strategy, partner & target assessment.

  • preparation of portfolio strategy and business preparation.

  • preparation of possible deal structuring & negotiation.