due diligence

io provides expert, fast and independent project transaction advice

we help companies understand the opportunities and risks of deals

When companies prepare to commit to major investment decisions, they need to know there won’t be any surprises. Whether a company is promoting or acquiring a project, our team specialises in technical and commercial due diligence – assessing risks and opportunities – and reporting on these to our clients, their banks, investors and other stakeholders.

Our team of experienced development consultants, cost and schedule specialists, commercial analysts and environmental and social advisors understand “how to do the right project, and how to do the project right”. We are dedicated to ensuring that a project meets its technical and business objectives and that the key issues are identified and clearly communicated to decision makers.

appropriate due diligence advice across the full project development timeline 

The typical lead times for major capital energy projects are considerable, with origination to start-up taking over a decade on average. We specialise in understanding how project definition, planning, costs, risks and uncertainties evolve through the development cycle from conceptualisation to project approval, through construction and operations. 

Our specialist engineering, commercial and environmental due diligence services enable owners, investors and lenders to evaluate and monitor project from the feasibility stage, through to pre- and post-financial close. We stress test the technical scope and business case at the feasibility stage and provide more specialist due diligence services at financial close, with recent experience in construction and operations monitoring and reporting.