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concept select & definition (FEL 2)

io’s approach to concept selection is founded on a process based upon Decision Quality (DQ) and regular decision dialogue with our clients.

We bring integrated capabilities, start with the end in mind and apply systems thinking, embedding a Decision Qulaity (DQ) framework throughout. We focus our work on what success looks like for you.

concept select (FEL 2a)

  • reflects the iterative nature and high level of uncertainty of development at such an early stage in a project’s life cycle.

  • facilitation of framing workshop.

  • identification of tier 1 decisions.

  • techniques to evaluate and rank client and partner value drivers.

  • evaluation of concepts both technically and economically against a backdrop of uncertainty.

  • sustainable CAPEX evaluation of concepts (reverse economics).

  • sensitivity analysis to evaluate concept robustness to key uncertainties.

  • trade off analysis based on client value drivers.

  • facilitation of risk and concept select workshops.

concept definition (FEL 2b) (PreFEED)

  • workscope shaped by contracting strategy.

  • further definition of the selected concept(s).

  • increased focus on tier 2 decisions.

  • embedding parent knowledge and know how.



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