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business planning & feasibility (FEL 1)

At io we hunt for value within a business opportunity, and determine technical and commercial viability.

io is best described as a project architect, a role that is fundamental to the early stages of business opportunity realisation. We use our traditional and new energy domain expertise, systems thinking and decision quality to bring innovation, discipline and an exploratory mindset to the early-stage search for business value.

An integrated approach ensures that our multi-disciplinary knowledge is deployed efficiently to rapidly understand the data, define the opportunity frame and identify the decisions, uncertainties and value drivers that characterise the business opportunity. By ensuring these aspects are fully understood any subsequent technical or commercial investigations and studies are truly focused on the key issues and can be executed in a phase appropriate and cost-effective manner.

We have learned from our experience of hunting value with our clients that our philosophy of working with the ‘end in mind’ unlocks business opportunities. Our preference on ‘outcomes over process’ and ‘insights over deliverables’ allows us to skilfully manage the complex front-end, with its inherent ambiguity, gaining insight on the potential solutions and to establish feasible alternatives that are aligned with the business objectives.



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