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business planning & feasibility (FEL 0-1)

io provides an integrated, multidisciplinary rapid assessment and field development plan to improve economic value.

We use powerful thinking and creative solutions to unlock value in the assess / business planning phase (FEL 0-1).

assessment of field

  • a team of subject matter experts quickly analyse the data.

  • holistic approach with rapid integration of multidiscipline workflows.

  • analysis of technical uncertainties that need addressing early to reduce the risks.

  • assessment of commercial value and strategic project drivers.

  • gas commercialisation screening.

development certainty

  • integration of technical, commercial and strategic approach to field development plan.

  • Decision Quality (DQ) framework to de-bias the assessments.

  • reserves estimation, production profiling and de-risking reservoir uncertainty.

  • cost estimation, scheduling to first production and risk mitigation activities.

  • economic modelling, gas commercialisation plan, and sensitivity analysis techniques.

improve value

  • best development plan to minimise risk and maximise value.

  • recommendations on implementation of the development plan.

  • value chain analysis and collaboration with clients on the planned next steps.



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